Friday, November 13, 2009

We're all darting about
like streaks of light,
weaving impressions,
trying to project a perspective
that's lasting,
but we miss each other
and a lot of love
by tightly holding
to the shredded edges
of our arguments;
hanging on for
a life
that's no longer


LimesNow said...

You'd posted this earlier and I read it and reflected. Now you've put it up again and I've been even more contemplative. It saddens me to think of ALL the good things we miss by clinging onto the tatters . . . because we let the fear of our hands being empty for just a moment rule our lives.

Garlandless Judy said...

What a wonderful response to my reposting. "the fear of our hands being empty for just a moment rules our lives." This leaves me reflecting now. Thank you.

LimesNow said...

I follow a blog I'm particularly drawn to -

Tree has not been creating fractals most recently, but if you look at some of his older posts - oh! The beauty is indescribable. You should mention to him that I sent you.

Tag said...

I remember from back in the 70's an Author Jane Roberts who channeled an entity called Seth who described human and animal life as beings of light snd energy assuming physical form. As beings of energy and light we interact on numerous planes or dimensions simultaneously. More gets passed than we can be consciously assimilate.