Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hounded by Heaven 2

Rumi, the Islamic poet, said that everything in the universe is a rhythmic drumbeat - only love is a melody. According to Rumi, anyone who does not love is like a fish without water or a bird without wings. There are three arduous requirements for attaining the state of perfect love - to be free from greed, to disdain the intellect, and to transcend all social roles and find one's true Self. Love, says Rumi, is the creative essence of the universe. Through love, thorns are turned to roses, sickness is transformed into health, and anger softens into gentleness; good fortune is seen in the bad, and the ugliest prison becomes a rose garden.


LimesNow said...

GJ ~ Wow! Your words (and Rumi's)have just gut-kicked me, along with the comment you just left on my blog. I am deeply churning about "love" in all of its forms. The image you posted is utterly glorious, as well. I need to ruminate a little and then I will return to say a bit about love - something I know about. Thank you for ending my weekend so beautifully.

Tag said...

I went on a search of the internet to find out more of this poet whose words resonate through the ages, only to find I have nothing to add. Nothing to say that hasn't been said.
Thank you Judy.

standing on my head said...

my favorite rumi quote:
the time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire.

i've always had trouble with the saying "love conquers all." now i know why. nothing needs to be conquered, just loved.

Gabriela Abalo said...

We are here to remember who we are: we are love.
We need to remember our pure essence, that we are one and we are all, therefore we should love everything for what it is.
Once we have achieved the mastery of unconditional love everything transforms: thorns turned into roses, sickness into health, hate into love, desperation into hope, etc…

Thank you for sharing Rumi’s thoughts


Garlandless Judy said...

Limes, sometimes to talk about love seems superfluous. It doesn't come close to the experience, but we try and that's what makes us so endearing to each other.

Tag, Rumi is one of my favorites. So simple. So elegant.

standing, I love this. Nothing needs to be conquered. Just loved. I need to hear this tonight. Really difficult day at work, despite my Rumi ruminations. Sometimes we just need a reminder nudge, put in a way we hadn't thought of. Thank you.

Gabi, I get the impression, you have come very close, very many times to unconditional love. I'm still working on it. Thanks for your transformative comments.

Busana Muslim said...

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